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Grow Aggressively

HoneyBadgers is a
consultancy that provides:

  • A Chief Revenue Officer to work closely with you to develop and deploy an aggressive strategy to achieve your revenue goals.
  • A tenacious and effective team to execute that strategy.

Our ideal clients are one
or more of the following:

  • Funded Startups
  • Companies Looking to 3x or more their current growth rate
  • Companies looking to reduce their growth costs

Find strong product-Market fit
Then build a revenue flywheel to drive compounding growth

While searching for Product-Market Fit we collaborate with you on both sides of the equation, tweaking the product as well as the target market and messaging. The resulting Revenue Flywheel is much more efficient and drives revenue much faster at a lower cost. I borrow heavily from the Lean Startup Movement in polling potential markets for pain points and testing low cost product concepts and messaging with them before making any real investment.

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  • Liz Lashbrook
    Executive Director, Sports Management Worldwide

    "HoneyBadger Leads has quadrupled my lead volume without increasing cost and I was really impressed with their innovative, custom landing pages. I was also impressed when they wrote custom code to push the new leads directly into my completely custom CRM (not a small feat!) for no additional charge."

  • Justin Cofield
    General Manager, vivint.365

    "I approached Honey Badger Leads with a time crunch and they rose to the challenge. They got us from nothing to live in 20 cities in 8 days. That includes strategy, call tracking, keyword campaigns and custom landing pages. All the work was top notch and the campaigns were profitable out of the gate."

  • Brian Kovach
    President, Primecoat Coating Systems

    "HoneyBadger Leads has been great to work with. Our business is technical and specialized and they dedicated the manpower to learn our product set and really understand how we sell. Over the past 90 days I've noted a doubling in our volume of leads from Paid Search with no increase in budget. Their team integrated our campaigns with our CRM application so that we get the most out of every lead and marketing dollar.

    As an added bonus, they've also been able to consult on email marketing and our CRM configuration. They are truly an extension of our marketing department."

Meet the Honey Badgers:

Taylor Ives - CEO
Taylor's design sense is tempered by formal training at Dallas Art Institute. She's a student of effective advertising and has a natural feel for image-based messaging. Years in senior leadership with Girl Scouts USA and other civic and commercial leadership positions have honed in her a smooth but no-nonsense approach to project management. At Honey Badger Leads she personally ensures every deadline is met to her exacting standards.

Matthew Ives -
Chief Revenue Officer | Marketing Consultant | Growth Hacker

Matthew works with organizations to find strong Product-Market Fit and then build a Revenue Flywheel to drive compounding growth.


The Handshake 1

We hold an initial meeting to discern if our companies are a good fit for each other. This is a partnership and if you don't succeed, we don't succeed. We will move heaven and earth to bring you all the high quality leads you want, but it's up to you to turn them into sales and happy customers. There's only so many Honey Badgers in our Den and because we work so hard for our customers, we can't work with everyone. You can decide if our approach is right for your company and products.

The First Lead Pipeline2

You will need to identify a particular product or service for us to market initially and help us to understand who your ideal customer for that product or service is. We'll start with one but then grow from there quickly. Together we'll decide on a target cost per lead and number of leads per month.

The Pitch 3

We will work with you to write a pitch that effectively sells your company and the product or service we're marketing. We'll tell a story, and combine that with testimonials, graphics and other elements to create a web page that will win you prospective customers and convince them to contact you. Think of it as taking everything you would say to a prospect at a trade show or other encounter translated into an engaging Landing Page.

The Offers 4

We have to give people a reason to consider you instead of your competition. An offer is anything of value to your customer that we can present. It could be a coupon, sale or complementary consultation. It could also be something less direct, like how long you've been in business, your hours or your location. Initially we like to test at least 3 offers at once, but sometimes we go through half a dozen before we arrive at something that resonates with a given audience. Every offer we test will be on your ads around the internet and at the top of the landing page those ads click to. Different offers will work with different audiences and some times multiple offers in rotation to the same audience do well. Sometimes offers grow stale and need to be changed monthly or quarterly.

The Audiences 5

If you are selling something people are looking for this usually means buying keywords on Google, Bing and Yahoo. If people aren't searching, or keywords are too expensive, we will start out with Display Advertising. Display Audiences can be very powerful for all customers, especially in high competition markets where keywords are very expensive. We buy audiences around certain families of keywords, certain kinds of websites, certain user behavior (cookies), visit history (retargeting), Company, education and industry (Linked In), hobbies, interest, or age (Facebook).

The Ads6

We create an ad for every offer we are testing tailored to each audience. The ads catch the eye while respecting your brand and presenting your offer in a compelling way. Ads are bridges that bring prospects from the site they are on to your website.

The Optimizations7

To get a lead, you need to show the right message to the right person. If we aren't getting leads we've got the wrong audience or the wrong offer or both. Once we find a offer that resonates with an audience we optimize to maximize the number of leads we are getting at your target cost per lead. We do this be tuning the ads and removing low performing segments of the audience. If an un-refined audience is a block of marble, the refined audience is the sculpture that remains after you remove the parts that don't belong.

The Next Pipeline8

If everything goes well, you'll likely want to increase the lead volume.
We can grow in two ways. The first is to take the existing products and services we are marketing and find new audiences to offer them to. Using the above process, we try different offers with new audiences until we find one that works and then optimize. The second is to begin marketing another area of your business, a new product or service or an existing one but in a new way to a completely different market. There are so many different possible audiences on the internet and so many creative ways to slice most businesses product sets that the growth options are usually staggering.

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